Managing a 16-Hour Intermittent Fast to Lose Weight

When a lot of people hear about intermittent fasting as a diet plan, they are intrigued about its possibilities. Then they learn about something like fasting for 16 hours and they get a little apprehensive. We want to talk to you about the popular 16 hour intermittent fasting diet and show you that it is not as daunting as you may imagine. It is popular for a reason – it is effective and people can manage it without feeling as though they are making drastic changes to their routine.

Intermittent Fasting Basics

The basic concept of intermittent fasting means that you will spend a certain portion of the day not eating anything. Of course, you already avoid eating when you are sleeping, which means that you only need to add around eight hours of awake time when you are not eating. It is not as bad as most people imagine! You can check intermittent fasting guide links for more information.

Eat 8 Hours – Fast 16 Hours

The diet, which is often called the 16-8 diet, is very simple in nature. For 16 hours of every 24, you will not eat anything. You can only consume non caloric beverages like water and plain coffee or tea. Fake sugar is also avoided during those hours, as it can mess with your digestive functions in the body.

The other eight hours are open for you to eat in the way that you want. Of course, you have to understand your goals. Someone who wants to lose weight should be eating less calories than they burn in a day – even with intermittent fasting. But the diet helps on its own, as it boosts your metabolism and ensures that you burn fat at a much rapider rate than usual diets.

Skip a Meal

When you think about not eating for eight straight hours, it feels very daunting. But think about it this way. Say you get up at 7am and you go to bed at 11pm each day. It means that if you do not eat anything from 7am to 3pm, you will have accomplished your goals. It still leaves you plenty of time to eat a late lunch and a light dinner!

In other words, the 16-8 diet is just about skipping one meal and adjusting the timings of your other meals. You could have three small meals from 3pm to 11pm if you wanted, two regular sized meals or one large meal. It is all up to you and how you prefer to eat throughout the day!

There is no rule saying when you have to take those eight fasting hours. You could take them at night, eating from 7am to 3pm and then eating nothing till you wake up in the morning the next day.