About Us

There was a time when I used to think that being physically fit must be a struggle. It was a perspective that cost me a lot of years of having a healthy body, but I am grateful that I finally saw the light. When I realized the importance of physical fitness, I made the necessary changes to my diet and exercise routine. I also realized that it is not difficult to make these changes. In fact, when you get into a routine of being healthy, it feels great every single day. Now I feel it is harder for me to eat unhealthy foods or sit around for too long, as my body has so much energy and I enjoy exercise.

I also understand that everyone goes through this journey on their own terms. Not everyone has the same progression, while it can take others a lot longer to find the diet and fitness regime that works for them. It is why I wanted to start my fitness and lifestyle blog, as I hoped that I could offer advice to other people on what worked for me. Not only do I want to share information about the best things that I realized about health and fitness, but I also want to share details about the journey I went through. There were many setbacks and I want to talk about them as openly as possible.

If you are worried about your physical or mental health, I encourage you to read my blog regularly. I will always post the latest information about diets, food recipes, workout tips and other suggestions that can help someone who is going through this process. While my tips may not be suitable for you 100 percent of the time, I promise that you will learn something with every blog post.

Readers who have suggestions or feedback regarding my blogs – or want me to write about a specific topic – can feel free to send me a message through the website. I always love reading your feedback!